If Talak has been pronounced outside Court, and you and your spouse would like to reconcile, you must both attend personally at the Syariah Court within seven days from the date of the pronouncement of Talak.

You will be required to furnish particulars of the pronouncement of Talak so that the divorce may be registered by the Syariah Court, and a decree or order for divorce may be issued to you and your spouse.  

Payment will be required for the registration of divorce and for any Court documents to be filed. 

Upon the issue of the decree or order for divorce, you and your spouse must then attend personally at the Registry of Muslim Marriages to register the revocation of divorce for purposes of rujuk (reconciliation) or remarriage, whichever is applicable.   

In the event you and your spouse do not wish to reconcile and at least one of you intends to proceed with a divorce application, the above reconciliation process does not apply. 

Instead, divorce proceedings are to be commenced in the usual manner. The applicant for divorce must submit a registration form to attend the mandatory Marriage Counselling Programme, and must attend and complete the Marriage Counselling Programme, and the Parenting Programme if applicable.  

Click here for the registration form for the Marriage Counselling Programme.
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