The mediator will discuss with you and your spouse to see if an agreement can be reached on the divorce as well as all the ancillary matters such as nafkah iddah, mutaah, custody of children and the matrimonial property.

If you have engaged a lawyer, you are required to attend this session with your lawyer.

The time allocated for each mediation session is 60 minutes. A further mediation session will be scheduled if it is necessary for parties to obtain further information or consider proposals for settlement.

If there is an agreement and all the necessary documents have been filed in Court, and the Court accepts the agreement, the divorce application may be heard and determined on the same day by a President of the Court. 

If there is no agreement, the matter will be referred for Pre-Trial Conference on a later date.

A Pre-Trial Conference may also be scheduled when parties are proposing that the child/children’s care and control be shared between them.