Process: Post Divorce

Process: Post Divorce

Updated Information on Parenting PACT and collection of Divorce Certificate - 17 December 2021

Information on Parenting PACT

As part of supporting your family journey, the Syariah Court provides a post-divorce family support programme known as “Parenting PACT” for all parents with at least 1 child to the marriage aged below 21 years old. The purpose of the programme is to help you better understand the impact of parental divorce on children, equip you with healthy co-parenting and self-care strategies and provide information on support resources.

Parenting PACT is conducted by our partner, PPIS As-Salaam Family Support Centre. The programme is delivered online every Tuesday and Thursday (except on public holidays) from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, and it is free-of-charge.  Please register for Parenting PACT with PPIS As-Salaam at 6745 5862.

Issue of Divorce Certificate after completing Parenting PACT

Your divorce certificate will be sent to you via email after completion of Parenting PACT and the waiting period applicable in your case. The waiting period is referable to the wife’s iddah period and the date of the divorce hearing.

If you are represented by a lawyer in your divorce proceedings, the divorce certificate will be sent via email to your lawyer.