Process: Pre-Divorce

Process: Pre-Divorce


You may apply for divorce at the Syariah Court if you and your spouse are Muslims or married under the Muslim law. 

(1) Domicile/Habitual residence
In addition, either party must:

  • be a Singapore citizen;  or
  • have lived in Singapore for at least 3 continuous years before applying for a divorce; or
  • be domiciled in Singapore*

If neither you nor your spouse is a Singapore citizen, please provide proof of your residence in Singapore for the past 3 years, immediately before the date of your divorce application. For example, employment pass indicating length of stay, employment agreement or tenancy agreement.

*Domicile is the country which a person treats as his/her permanent home, or to which he/she has a substantial connection with. 

(2) Marriage Counselling Programme
You are also required to register for and attend the Marriage Counselling Programme as well as the Parenting Programme, if applicable, before you file an application for divorce.
Click here to read more on the Marriage Counselling Programme

Registration for the Marriage Counselling Programme must be submitted online through SYC Portal